Khalil Maamoon Tobacco


Enhance Your Shisha

Cutting your tobacco allows for a more consistent pack in your bowls, preventing air pockets due to large pieces of tobacco leaves or stems. Drying your shisha is recommended and in most cases enhance your smoking experience.

Earn up to 70 Points.

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Khalil Maamoon™ has brought you years of quality hookahs and now we offer you delicious shisha with flavors from all over the world. Succulent and flavorful top grade tobacco, premium honey and exotic fruit extracts from every corner of the globe.

Khalil Maamoon Tobacco Flavors

Black Orange, Blueberry Mint, Cactus Lime, Fakhfakhina, Fancy Grape, Grape, Grape Berry, Grape Mint, Gum Mint, Ice Apple, Ice Blackberry, Ice Cinnamon Gum, Ice Cream Blueberry-Vanilla, Lemon Mint, Mango, Melon, Melon Mint, Mint, Orange Mint, Peach Aroma, Raspberry, Red Guava, Spiced Tea, Two Apple, Watermelon Mint, California Dream

Pack Size

1000G, 100G, 250G


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