Agera Tobacco


Enhance Your Shisha

Cutting your tobacco allows for a more consistent pack in your bowls, preventing air pockets due to large pieces of tobacco leaves or stems. Drying your shisha is recommended and in most cases enhance your smoking experience.

Earn up to 70 Points.

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Agera tobacco was established in 2017, manufacturing hookah tobacco has become our passionate to expand around the world.

We handcrafted our tobacco for perfection and to ensure a smoking session like no other.

Agera tobacco is manufactured in usa and follow the highest standard for a great smoking session.

13 fantastic hookah tobacco flavors with taste you will never forget

Agera Tobacco

Agera Blue, Candy Twist, Crystal Peach, Gum Cinnamon, Gum Mint, Honeydew Melon, Lemon Mint, Mr Peach, Orange Mint, Tangerine, Tasty Melon, Tropical Fruit, Yellow Paradise

Pack Size

1000G, 250G


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