Franchise Information For The Hookah Shop

At The Hookah Shop, we put people first. We credit our years of sales growth directly to the outstanding leadership and hard work of our franchised Shop Operators and their teams.

In Business For Yourself… Not By Yourself
The Hookah Shop franchise opportunity is unique to the quick-service hookah and shisha industry. For an initial financial commitment, of $25,000, selected franchisees (whom we call Operators) are granted a license to operate a “The Hookah Shop” smoke shop. The Hookah Shop franchise opportunity requires that the individual be free of any other active business ventures and operate the shop on a full-time, hands-on basis.

The Hookah Shop Operators must successfully complete an extensive, multi-week training program prior to commencing operation of a franchised “The Hookah Shop” business. With additional development courses and corporate support available, The Hookah Shop Operators are equipped to handle decisions and boast the rewards of a challenging business.

You might want to continue researching an opportunity with The Hookah Shop if you

  • Are you looking for a full-time, “hands-on” business opportunity.
  • Have a proven track record in business leadership.
  • Have successfully managed your personal finances.
  • Are a results-oriented self-starter interested in growing a business.

This might not be the opportunity for you if you

  • Are seeking an investment or an equity position in a business.
  • Want to sell property to Ampro Retail Stores, LLC.
  • Are requesting Ampro Retail Stores, LLC. build at a specified location.
  • Are seeking multi-unit franchise opportunities.
  • Would like to diversify your franchise portfolio.

The Application Process
At The Hookah Shop, we believe that our success in a community is tied directly to the caliber of the individual franchised Operator who operates the local Hookah Shop. Therefore, we are extremely careful about choosing Operators. We are looking for a good fit – and we know our franchisees are, too.

The Hookah Shop Operator application process is rigorous. The opportunity is highly competitive:

  • We receive approximately 2,000 franchise inquiries per year. Over the past few years, we have selected an average of 5-10 new franchise Operators per year.
  • The Hookah Shop maintains a franchisee turnover rate of less than 5% per year.
  • The location and development of The Hookah Shop is determined by Ampro Retail Stores, LLC., based on corporate goals for expansion in specifically targeted markets.
  • We do not offer franchise opportunities to all qualified candidates. Rather, we select the best candidates for a limited number of franchise opportunities.

The first step in the process is to review a series of Frequently Asked Questions and then complete and submit an Expression of Interest form below. Upon receipt of your completed Expression of Interest form, Ampro Retail Stores, LLC. will review your information to assess whether or not you meet its current preliminary criteria for franchise Operator candidate consideration, and generally will respond to your submitted Expression of Interest within approximately three weeks. If Ampro Retail Stores, LLC. decides that you meet its preliminary criteria for consideration, you will be invited to complete The Hookah Shop Operator application.

The Hookah Shop Franchise Expression Of Interest Form

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